PJ’s Guitar Tuner

My father-in-law owns a guitar shop. He also plays in several bands. He likes ‘the quo‘. He could be ’the quo’. He spends a lot of his time helping to look after my lovely but sometimes difficult son. He never thinks he is difficult. Only lovely. He never asks for anything and never wants anything. He is impossible to buy birthday presents for.

This is a kind of backstory.

While doing some client work, I became wrapped up in some audio processing stuff, analysing frequencies and microphone input. I was telling ‘grandad’ all about this when it occurred to me I could probably get it to work out the pitch as well.

A pet project was born.

It turned out I was wrong. Well, kinda right and kinda wrong. I did eventually get the pitch stuff nailed but not at all how I though it would work initially. I aslo enlisted the help of a rather good designer friend-of-a-friend who is known for his work here. He did me a nice icon and one of the themes.

So, for fame, fortune and my father-in-law I bring you…

PJ's Guitar Tuner

PJ’s Guitar Tuner!

Coming to an app store near you soon. Available on iPhone and iPod touch.

I’m releasing this app under our new “Powered by Dootrix” brand/thing. Dootrix do serious stuff for a growing number of pretty serious clients…but we are also known to do the odd side project in our ‘spare time’. This is mine. For now.