Origami Slippers

I was at a meeting with the guys from Simpl the other day which ended up with a curry and  a beer. A pretty good meeting if you ask me!

Having been cajoled into folding a flapping bird from an after eight wrapper I made the mistake of bragging that I could fold them a pair of slippers from a newspaper if they had one…at which point one of the guys produced said newspaper.

Well, I had to back down and admit I had forgotten how to do it. But I did promise to make him a pair for ‘next time’.

I dug out the instructions over the weekend. The results are below.



The Floppy Disk Must Die

My wife works as a primary school teacher and, as such, has to make sure kids are learning how to use computers and software, and are able to grasp the basics of the internet etc.

She pointed out something the other day which should have been obvious, but I honestly don’t think I had considered it before.

When explaining how to save their work, she directed the class to use the picture of the floppy disk (that little icon in Word that we all know and love).  The response? “Whats a floppy disk? You mean the thing that looks like an old Nintendo?”

It struck me as odd that software, of all things, should be so stuck in the past. The floppy disk is meaningless to the current generation.

Icons should convey meaning; the save button, used in many of todays applications, conveyes next to none! Surely, now more than ever, it’s time for the floppy disk to die!

Origami Ninja

Recently I was asked for some kind of quirky fact. So I pulled out the ‘Origami Ninja’ card. Its a bit sad really but everyone has these things that they just do. Some pople can play piano really well or go cave diving in their spare time or…I dunno, whatever.

When I was growing up, for some reason I folded paper. I dont even know why. I am certainly not a paper folding genius but It was amusing to work in a largely Japanese office for a while and teach the paper folders how to fold paper.

And no, before you ask, the MacBook is real.